My Name is Courtney McCutchen.  I started Courtney McCutchen Insurance (a captive agency) in San Angelo, Texas in 2003. That agency was very successful leading to an eventual sale.  I am now on the independent side of the business.

Like many other small businesses and especially insurance agency owners I experienced humble beginnings getting things off the ground.  One source of client generation that I found particularly effective was buying real-time insurance leads. 

Insurance Leads 101 is something I have had running around in my mind for several years now.  I've always enjoyed sharing experiences and leads have been a major part of my business growth.  I have regular conversations with colleagues about leads, some positive and many negative.  There seems to be a lot of misunderstanding about how to effectively leverage online leads and not that much information out there to help agents.  I think most agents that have success with leads guard their sources but the truth is lead sources vary so greatly across locations and product lines that there really isn't that much at risk.

What I've done with this site is share some of my own experiences and those of many other producers I've met along the way as well as a few direct contributors.  The result is a resource and guide that can hopefully help new agency owners and established producers make the most of shared insurance leads.  I view online leads as a tool to build a sustainable book of clients that will act as your own personal sales force with referrals — due to outstanding service of course.

*Note* If you need to get in touch please use info (at) insuranceleads101.com. Thanks!