Life Insurance Leads

Life LeadsNobody wakes up excited to purchase life insurance, but most realize soon enough that it is a good idea. As a life insurance agent, your goal is simple: to get your name and information in front of as many interested prospects as possible with a compelling hook or call to action.

Month in and month out, it is essential to spend time reviewing and tweaking your marketing strategy. From direct mail to telemarketing to the purchase of online leads, your options for generating new business runs deep.

I suggest life agents test out every marketing and advertising medium possible.  Life leads can be difficult to generate on your own so in order to do so I recommend focusing on ranking your own website for life specific buyer terms, having great local listings on Google, Yahoo and other online directories and using local advertising with a message that hits the emotions of family with a strong call to action.

All that said, once again there are many  advantages of buying leads, as opposed to generating through other methods, include:

  • Target leads based on policy type as well as location and age.
  • Better control your marketing strategy and budget, allowing you to increase your ROI.
  • More time selling and less time marketing.

Although the life insurance market is never going to dry up, to better your chance of success you must have a marketing plan that helps you stand out amongst the competition. Getting in front of interested prospects is the the name of the game whether you are buying leads or generating them yourself.  Once you do land a client offer outstanding service and always, always, always look for referral opportunities.

Recommended Lead Companies