Auto Insurance Leads

Internet Auto Insurance LeadsAs an insurance agent that offers P&C lines, you are well aware that every marketing will always have consumers needing auto coverage. From those buying for the first time to those who are interested in saving money by changing companies, there will always be leads to be had.  The goal is to ensure you get a healthy share.

Every successful producer has a strategy that allows him or her to keep a regular flow of auto insurance leads coming into the funnel.

Traditional marketing methods, such as local advertising, paid search, SEO, direct mail and telemarketing are extremely common. Along with this, more agents than ever are purchasing auto insurance leads.

With so many benefits, many agents are spending their marketing dollars on internet leads. When buying these types of leads, follow these tips:

  • Experiment with several online auto insurance lead companies
  • Use filters to ensure that you are purchasing leads that offer the best chance of converting
  • A low lead to agent ratio is essential to your success (how many other agents are receiving the same lead?)

The ability to continually acquire a steady flow of leads can be the difference between success and failure.

As an auto insurance agent buying leads for the first time, start with reputable services that offer free leads for opening an account. This will help you get moving on the right path to success.

Recommended Lead Companies