Insurance Lead & Agency Marketing Tips

On this page, I will be sharing some tips and advice I have shared with others over the past 10 years.  Much of what is written below is a collection from notebooks and sticky pads over the years that have been scribbled down and now consolidated.  I intend to make this a living page of sorts and will continue to come back and add more as I think of it and have time.

Working Insurance Leads

Insurance Lead TipsJust because you have an insurance lead in hand does not mean you are going to make a sale. That being said, you can better your chance of success by working each and every lead in an efficient manner.

When it comes to working insurance leads, every agent is unique. The approach that you take is not going to be the same as the next person and vice versa. However, there are a few steps you can take to maximize your chance of success.

Don’t Delay

If nothing else, you always want to remember this: the sooner you contact an interested consumer the better chance you have of making a sale. When you wait, you are leaving the door open for other agents to make a pitch. Subsequently, you may lose out on your chance of making a quick sale.

Don’t Give Up

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could close every insurance lead after one phone call? While this will happen from time to time, it is not common. In many cases, you will have to contact a consumer five or more times before making a sale.

Continue to work on each and every lead until the consumer tells you to stop. You never know when you will finally breakthrough.

Explain what you Offer

Many consumers have a difficult time differentiating one insurance agent and policy from another. For this reason, you must always be willing to explain what you have to offer and why your service and products are better than the competition.

In other words, do something that sets you apart from the rest of the industry. Give the consumer a reason to remember you.

Make Yourself Available

Even though you may initiate the conversation most of the time, it is essential that consumers are able to get in touch with you should they have questions or concerns.

Every insurance lead should have your direct phone number as well as your email address. By making yourself available you are increasing your chance of a sale while also proving that you offer high-level customer service.

With this advice, you should find it easier to work insurance leads regardless of the position you find yourself in.

Keep an Open Mind

When it comes time to buy insurance leads for the first time, you are sure to be excited about what the future holds. After all, more and more agents are turning to online services for all their insurance buying needs.

Although you may feel that you are ready to move forward, there are three things you must first do:

1. Don’t overlook the value of generating insurance leads. Some agents get so caught up in instant online leads that they overlook the benefits of generating their own leads, online or offline. While lead generation methods such as organic SEO, direct mail, and telemarketing require a lot of effort there are advantages to having them in your marketing plan.  As the old saying goes, “Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket”.  While internet leads might be your top option try to diversify your efforts to ensure you are not too dependent on just one source of business.

2. Set a budget. If you have never purchased insurance leads online in the past, you may not fully understand just how much opportunity lies ahead.

Some companies can keep up with any demand, no matter how many leads you want to purchase on a daily basis. As exciting as it sounds, you must set a budget to ensure that you don’t blow through your marketing budget sooner than expected.

Remember, not every lead that you purchase is going to be converted into a sale. If you can beat an 8% close rate you should be profitable or at least breaking even.

3. Compare companies. Before you buy insurance leads, compare the many providers that have moved to the forefront of the industry. Some of your best options can be found here.

It is natural to be excited about the prospects of buying insurance leads online and beginning to close deals. As long as you take the appropriate steps – such as the three detailed above – you will soon find yourself on the right path to not only buying leads but also increasing sales and profits as a direct result.

In the competitive insurance industry, if you aren’t moving forward the competition is going to pass you by.

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