Commercial Insurance Leads

Business Insurance LeadsRegardless of size or industry, no business wants to spend more on insurance than they have to. For this reason, business insurance leads can be a fairly easy sell with the right approach – but only if you have a well planned lead and marketing strategy.

I personally find business leads easier to generate and close than most other lines although it is tougher to get consistent volume.  Commercial lines are probably the best door knocker or cold call opportunity for a new producer to get his or her feet wet and practice talking and getting past gate keepers.

Buying Leads Online

By purchasing business insurance leads online, you can stay busy day after day in most markets. Along with this, most providers will allow you to implement custom filters to ensure that you are selling to companies that are interested in what you have to offer.

Thanks to a higher commission, you may be tempted to spend your time chasing after large commercial policies. However, these leads are not available in large numbers. Not to mention the fact that they can be more difficult to close because they have probably been targeted and pitched many times already.

Don’t overlook the benefits of selling to small businesses that need nothing more than a liability policy.

With online leads, you can increase your chance of a sale by doing business with services that offer predefined business categories. By doing so, you are able to target leads based on everything from the product line to the company size.

Almost every business needs some level of coverage. If you are considering put emphasis commercial lines I would suggest a mix of online leads, joining local business networking groups, niche B2B advertising opportunities, a sponsorship with your local Chamber of Commerce and cold calling if you are working with a small marketing budget.

Recommended Lead Companies