Insurance Lead Companies

Insurance Lead FunnelWhen it comes to buying internet leads it is always a good idea to keep your options open.  I recommend testing as many lead services as possible (no more than 2 at a time) and sticking with the ones that have the potential to be a source of ongoing sales.  This process can take time but it is definitely necessary.  Lead quality can vary by line as well as the location so it is best to test yourself rather than taking another agent's word for it.  You will be hard-pressed to find a lot of good reviews from other local agents that might be buying the same leads as you because they have no motivation to bring in more competition.

Below are the top lead companies I recommend new agents test.  Each of these providers meets the “what to look for” criteria previously mentioned.  You will also find a more detailed review linked for each provider from one of my favorite industry resources.

Contactability by SmartFinancial

SmartFinancial Agents LeadsSmartFinancial Agents is an Ohio-based lead vendor founded by a former agency owner. The company initially launched as a live-transfer-only platform focusing on the emerging mobile audience.  Today SmartFinancial has grown to offer both live calls (exclusive) and web-based leads for P&C, medicare, and health lines.

Lines Available:
Auto, Home, Health, Medicare

Current Promotional Offer:
Up to 60% Off Regular Price on All Leads

Full SmartFinancial Leads Review Profile


QuoteWizard Leads

QuoteWizard is a newer company to the industry that has grown at an alarming rate.  The company offers many appealing options and has pushed many agent-friendly changes recently.  Buyers can expect good volume, lots of filter options, and an easy-to-use back-end interface.

Lines Available:
Auto, Home, Health, Medicare Supplement, Renters, Condo

Current Promotional Offer:
Up to $500 in Bonus Leads

Full QuoteWizard Review Profile

NextGen Leads

Next Gen LeadsNextGen Leads is one of the newer lead companies we have listed getting off the ground in 2014 with a sole focus on Health Insurance Leads. The California-based company has quickly grown thanks to its self-generated lead quality and attention to service. NextGen currently offers both data leads and live calls for the Health and Medicare markets.

Lines Available:
Health, Medicare Supplement

Current Promotional Offer:
50% Deposit Match up to $500

Hometown Quotes

Hometown Quotes Leads

Hometown Quotes is one of the oldest internet lead companies with a strong base of loyal customers.  This vendor was founded by agents who put a heavy emphasis on personalized customer support and lead quality.

Lines Available:
Auto, Home, Renter, Condo

Current Promotional Offer:
50% Match (Up to $500 Deposit)

Full Hometown Quotes Review

Benepath Leads

Benepath Insurance LeadsBenepath is one of the earliest and longest-tenured online insurance lead vendors on the market. The company launched in 2008 initially offering exclusive health insurance leads. Their product offering has expanded to include exclusive web leads and calls across health and commercial products. Additionally, they offer aged leads across all lines and shared leads for individual health.

Lines Available:
Health, Group Health, Commercial

Current Promotional Offer:
$200 in Free Leads

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