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Contactability by SmartFinancial Leads
Contactability by SmartFinancial is a fast-growing insurance lead vendor with live call transfer, exclusive web and shared web lead products. The Ohio-based company was built by a team of insurance industry veterans that have been generating leads since 2009.

At the helm of SmartFinancial is CEO, Lev Barinskiy. As an agency owner, Lev realized an opportunity to create a better experience for insurance lead buyers and founded in 2009. That successful venture resulted in an eventual acquisition by BankRate. Lev then went on to tackle the emerging mobile-first landscape with an initial launch of Contactability focusing solely on live transfer calls. The popularity of the new live call product led to brisk company growth along with accolades such as a listing on the Inc 500 list of fastest-growing companies and a Leads360 Lead Industry Award for the highest converting lead product.

Today, Contactability by SmartFinancial has expanded to offer thousands of calls and web leads per day across auto, home, health, and medicare product lines.

Lines Offered

Contactability by SmartFinancial offers live call transfers, exclusive web leads and real-time shared web leads across the following lines.


Below are some of the top features offered by SmartFinancial.

Qualified Insurance Calls
All calls are pre-qualified, exclusive, and delivered to the buyer via warm live transfer with a 100% contact rate from a US-based operator. Buyers are only charged for calls they receive.

No Contracts
SmartFinancial lead buyers are not bound to any lead purchase minimums or time-based obligations.

Quality Lead Sources
Over 200,000 leads per month are generated from high-intent traffic sources such as an in-house network of websites including, the SmartFinancial parent site. Additionally, the company has sought out a hand-picked network of high-quality SEO traffic partner websites.

All incoming leads are generated with a quote form containing over 30 data fields. After a prospect submits a quote request the details are verified by multiple 3rd party validation and lead scoring sources such as xVerify and Jornaya (LeadiD).

Contactabiity by SmartFinancial lead buyers have granular control over lead volume, campaign pausing, lead schedule and lead type with a selection of geographic and lead field filtering options. If a lead happens to get delivered with bad information lead returns may be submitted within a two week return window.

Lead Pricing
Lead prices vary based on lead type, lead volume and customer longevity. The company offers a dedicated account manager for every buyer with customizable options designed to accommodate customers of all sizes, from individual brokers to carriers.

Base pricing for all web leads and calls is comparable to industry alternatives. Call leads typically cost anywhere from $25-$50 based on product line and lead qualifiers.
Customers are also offered a point-based reward system that can be applied to redeem bonus leads.

An account rep can be reached for a custom price quote at 213-340-2802 .

Lead Delivery
Lead data for all SmartFinancial leads is delivered according to the buyer's custom delivery settings. Buyers can choose to have lead data delivered as it comes in via email, text, CRM, rater, dialer, lead management software or through a custom integration. Lead data is also always available in the customer's online agent center account.


With impressive volume and nationwide coverage, Contactability by Smart Financial is a top insurance lead vendor option for buyers of any size that offer P&C, Health, and Medicare insurance products.

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