Home Insurance Leads

Home Owner Insurance LeadsHome insurance is a big focus for my agency. Buying a home is one of the biggest investments a person can make and the low interest rates in recent years have helped encourage buyers (especially here in Texas). As an agent offering P&C lines, there are always fresh consumers to target – even when the real estate market is struggling. From new home buyers to those who want to change policies to save money, the opportunities are endless.

I have always bought a lot of home leads from online insurance lead companies although the competition can be challenging with most P&C products.

Why Purchase Online?

Some agents think traditionally. Instead of relying on the internet, they prospect for leads through direct mail or cold calling typically using public home sales records. While these methods will always be viable, more consumers than ever are shopping online – and that is where you need to be.

The benefits of purchasing home insurance leads via the internet include:

  • Filter leads by location, allowing you to target consumers in your part of the country
  • Control your marketing budget
  • Use property type filters including those for single family, multi-family, and rental homes
  • Major opportunities to sell multiple P&C policies by proposing bundling savings opportunities

If you are just getting started I would recommend working a mix of public records via direct mail and door knocking while also taking advantage of any lead company discounts or free lead offers.  Once you get established buy more leads with companies that are a good fit and always look for cross-selling and referral opportunities.

Recommended Lead Companies