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QuoteWizard Marketing LeadsQuoteWizard is the largest privately-held, independent insurance lead company in the United States, based on revenue. Since 2001, the company has been providing targeted leads to insurance agents all over the country.

Every month, the service provides more than 300,000 unique insurance leads to local agents. At this time, the company has a nationwide agent network with more than 4,000 participating members.

QuoteWizard has received numerous awards and honors since opening its doors, including inclusion on the Inc. 500 fastest growing company list. Along with this, the company has been featured multiple times in the Puget Sound Business Journal and was recently recognized as a “Best Value” provider by the Leads Council.

Lines Offered

QuoteWizard provides leads spanning a variety of lines, including:


Despite the fact that QuoteWizard shares the industry with many other companies, they offer several unique features.

1. Maximum flexibility. Each agent is provided with account and scheduling flexibility. This includes 1,080 hours of vacation time as well as the use of daily volume caps. This feature allows agents to pause and restart their campaign as necessary.

2. Excellent return policy. QuoteWizard has proven to offer a return policy that rivals that of its competition with no hassle returns for up to 10 days from delivery.

3. Agent loyalty program. The company’s reward points program works like miles on a credit card; the more leads you buy the more reward points you get, which are exchangeable for any of the following:

  • Unlimited vacation time
  • Lead discounts
  • Call verified leads to ensure quality
  • Lead throttle to space out the delivery of leads
  • Return for filters
  • Live Transfers with WizardCalls
  • The ability to schedule when leads are delivered


4. Limited lead sharing.  QuoteWizard shared leads a delivered to a maximum of 4 agents which is half of the industry average of 8.

Quote Wizard has been rolling out new features on a regular basis so I will try to keep up and make sure this review profile is current.  One thing that is certain is that they are not content with the status quo which I find to be a very good thing.  I understand they have plans to roll out additional product lines in the near future so I’ll be sure to update that information as well once it becomes available.


Auto – Premium: $12.50

Auto – Standard Plus: $9

Auto – Non-standard: $7

Auto – Preferred: $11

Auto – Standard: $8

Auto – WizardCalls Live Transfer: Call for Pricing

Home – Standard: $10 – $15

Home – WizardCalls Live Transfer: Call for Pricing

Renter and Condo: $5 – $8

Health / Medicare Supplement – Exclusive: $25

Health / Medicare Supplement – Standard: $15

(Rates at time of publishing and are subject to change)

Lead prices fluctuate based on the number of agents that the lead is sold to. A platinum insurance lead costs the most but is exclusive to one agent. A premium lead is cheaper, however, it is sold to as many as three agents.


In addition to the ability to use up to 60 custom filters, many leads come with filter usage standard.

QuoteWizard offers all the typical geographic and customer oriented filters, with different options depending on the line.


By providing more than 300,000 leads per month, QuoteWizard is able to provide insurance agents with the volume they need at a competitive price.

With an overall focus on quality, combined with a unique agent loyalty program and multiple industry accolades, QuoteWizard has the ability to attract agents nationwide, including me.

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