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Hometown Quotes Insurance Leads
Hometown Quotes is a company built by insurance agents for insurance agents. The company, founded by former-agent Bob Klee was established in 2003 with the mission of providing honest, trusted quality leads to insurance agents.

Hometown Quotes takes pride in providing insurance leads that are not aged, recycled or incentivized. They provide customers a high level of lead source transparency allowing agents to nurture and quote leads appropriately and work at their own pace.

Hometown Quotes offers a very competitive pricing structure compared to other leading vendors, and their customer service is known to be top notch among those in the industry.

Lines Offered

Hometown Quotes provides leads for the following product lines:


Hometown Quotes shares many features with industry competitors such as, no contract obligation, and assorted delivery methods (Email Text, LMS/CRM), along with several unique features.

1. Limited Lead Sharing. Hometown Quotes Shares their leads to a maximum of 4 agents, which is half of the industry average of 8.

2. Flexibility.
Hometown Quotes provides its customers with a variety of options to control and filter the leads they receive. These features include:

  • Lead Volume Controls
  • Options to Pause Leads
  • No Cap on Lead Credits
  • Availability of Free Pre-Set and Custom Filters

3. Excellent Customer Service
Hometown Quotes is known for the quality of service they provide to their customers. Customer service features include:

  • Live Chat Support
  • Custom Scheduling
  • Lead Return Options – 7 Days from Delivery


4. Integrated Partners
Hometown Quotes is integrated with most captive vendor programs, such as Allstate Executive Advantage, State Farm, Country Financial, and Nationwide, and most popular lead management systems including State Farm Prospector Plus, Allstate Quote Burst, Velocify, DYL, Blitz and more.

By developing integrated partnerships with several captive vendor programs and lead management systems, Hometown Quotes allows their customers to receive and manage the leads they purchase in the platform they are most comfortable working with.

5. Agent Educational Resources.
Hometown Quotes recently developed an educational tool for their lead buyers. Hometown University is a community that provides insurance agents with tips, tools and tricks for working online leads more productively.

Developing this resource for agents signifies their commitment to not only providing the industry’s most productive leads, but providing agents with the skills they need to be successful.


Hometown Quotes offers a competitive pricing structure. For a custom price estimate in your territory call 720-709-2079


Hometown Quotes offers over 45 pre-set and custom filters. Lead buyers can apply unlimited filters at no additional charge.


Focused on providing the most productive leads and customer service in the industry, Hometown Quotes is a leader in providing insurance agents with the tools and resources they need to grow their book.

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