Precise LeadsBased in New York, Precise has been providing agents with insurance leads since 2004.

The majority of the leads sold to agents through the Precise Leads system are generated via company owned web properties. This allows them to better control the overall quality of the leads and adjust with industry changes.

In addition to serving individual insurance agents, the company also provides regional agencies and publicly held corporations with leads.

Precise puts a strong emphasis on both customer service and security, ensuring that every agent is taken care of as expected during the entire lead buying process.  The company is a clear market leader with health and senior lines specifically.

Lines Offered

Precise is well known for providing a large variety of leads. Its entire list of offerings is as follows:

Additionally, all leads provided by Precise are eligible for live transfer. This allows agents to contact the consumer when they are most interested in making a purchase.


While it is difficult for insurance lead companies to set themselves apart in a crowded industry, Precise Leads has done so by providing the following three features:

1.  Health & Senior Lines. Precise is a clear market leader with health and senior lines specifically.

2. VIP member program. In addition to the rewards program, agents with VIP status will receive a discount of up to 15 percent on every purchase. There are three VIP levels:

  • Silver, met with $5,000 spent and qualifies for a 5 percent discount
  • Gold, met with $20,000 spent and qualifies for a 10 percent discount
  • Platinum, met with $50,000 spent and qualities for a 15 percent discount

3. The Precise Rewards program. With this program, agents earn points every time their account is funded. Here is how it works:

  • Earn one point for every dollar spent on insurance leads, with free leads starting at 60 points
  • Points can be redeemed at any time for free leads, based on the company’s current redemption schedule



A new set of price updates that will be published shortly.  Until they are finalized, you can expect Precise Leads pricing to be on par with other providers profiles on Insurance Leads 101.


Precise Leads provides agents with free geographic filters, as well as custom filters based on the type of lead being purchased.


Precise Leads has does a good job providing affordable leads, spanning a variety of lines, while great incentives for regular buyers with their reward and VIP programs.

Getting Started

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