Precise Leads

Precise LeadsBased in New York, Precise has been providing agents with insurance leads since 2004.

The majority of the leads sold to agents through the Precise Leads system are shared leads generated via web properties.

In addition to serving individual insurance agents, the company also provides regional agencies and publicly held corporations with leads.

Lines Offered

Precise is provides a large variety of lead product lines. Its entire list of offerings is as follows:

Additionally, all leads provided by Precise are eligible for live transfer.


Precise Leads places an emphasis on the following three features:

1. Health & Senior Lines.

2. VIP member program. Agents with VIP status will receive a discount of up to 15 percent on every purchase.

3. The Precise Rewards program.


The cost of buying leads from Precise Leads will vary by product line, purchase volume and additional options, such as live transfer services.


Precise Leads provides agents with geo filters, as well as custom filters based on the type of lead being purchased.


Precise Leads provides a variety of insurance lead product lines.

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