Important! InsureMe has been acquired by AllWebLeads and should be considered the same provider. This page will remain live as a record of the transition. For now, I recommend checking out the list of recommended insurance lead companies.

AgentInsider LeadsAlthough Agent Insider currently serves insurance agents as a standalone service, the company was acquired, along with parent company InsWeb, by Bankrate in December 2011.

By making this move, the company became part of the largest online insurance lead company in the industry, known as Bankrate Insurance.

In April 2012,, one of the top lead suppliers in the industry, integrated with the Agent Insider system to provide additional volume along with more flexibility.

The Agent Insider platform was designed from top to bottom for local insurance agents who are interested in purchasing leads within a particular territory.

Lines Offered

Agent Insider offers agents the ability to purchase a variety of lead types, including:


In order to set itself apart from the competition, Agent Insider provides agents with multiple unique features. Some of the most noteworthy include:

1. Flexibility. Agent Insider has a robust set of features including integrations with virtually any rater or CRM (including custom configurations), lead pausing options, various delivery options, a generous return window and a public agent directory.

2. Learning center. The Agent Insider learning center is full of tips, advice, and industry analysis, all of which is geared towards helping agents purchase leads and turn these into active customers.

3. Volume controls. Agent Insider does not force agents to purchase a set number of leads, instead, the system offers easy to use volume controls.

Pricing and Promotions

Auto: base price of $7 – $10

Home: base price of $10 – $12

Life: base price of $4 – $12

Renters: base price of $6 – $8

Health: base price of $4 – $6

Senior Health: base price of $8 – $12

(Rates at time of publishing and are subject to change)


Agent Insider offers both pre-set and custom filters.

Free geo filters make it easy for agents to target specific territories, based on their location or past success.


Through its integration with Bankrate, Agent Insider has been able to take its service to a larger number of agents, subsequently providing more consumers with targeted quotes.

With its Agent Directory, learning center, and competitive pricing, combined with the backing of the system, Agent Insider is well known nationwide as a top provider of insurance leads.

Update: AgentInsider is now part of AllWebLeads.

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