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AllWebLeads AgentsLocated in Austin, Texas, All Web Leads concentrates exclusively on the US insurance market by selling insurance to incoming lead prospect through its AWL insurance agency as well as selling leads to insurance agents and brokers.

By owning its own lead generating web properties and working with a large network of affiliates, the company is able to generate considerable lead volume.

Lines Offered

While All Web Leads focuses on the four most common type of insurance leads – auto, health, life, and home – they offer others including:


The All Web Leads website touches on a variety of features provided to agents in their network.

1. Upfront filters. Agents are able to use filters to ensure they purchase leads that fit their criteria.

2. No contracts or deposits. All Web Leads does not require an ongoing contract or commitement for lead buyers.

3. Fast delivery. Agents are able to quickly receive leads via email, text message, or both. Additionally, their system is compatible with the most popular CRM systems.

4. Upgrades and Customization. When it comes to flexibility All Web Leads offers a variety of options to create a custom lead solution.  Upgrade options include premium sources, premium service, call verification, live transfer and more.

Pricing and Promos

Auto: $7.25

Home: $13.50

Life: $9.00

Health: $4.80

Long term care: $14.50

Annuity: $39.14

Renters: $7.95

Business: $5.60

Senior Health: $10.02

The table below shows additional upgrade and premium pricing options.

AWL Premium Lead Pricing

(Rates at time of publishing and are subject to change)


All Web Leads provides free geographic filters with targeting by zip code, county, area code, and state. Additionally, agents can opt for custom filters (at a cost) based on each lead type.


All Web Leads offers affordable insurance leads to agents throughout the United States.  Recently, All Web Leads has focused its efforts to build a nationwide agency of its own.  The company has traditionally been able to offer lead buyers considerable lead volume.  It is uncertain how lead volume and lead quality will change as AWL insurance agency expands nationally.

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