Important! InsureMe has been acquired by AllWebLeads and should be considered the same provider. This page will remain live as a record of the transition. For now, I recommend checking out the list of recommended insurance lead companies.

InsureMe AgentsFor more than 20 years (opened for business in 1993), InsureMe has been generating insurance leads online as a means of providing high quality service to both consumers and agents.

InsureMe is well known for its high level of client retention, with hundreds of agents relying on the service for more than five years.

In 2008, BankRate acquired InsureMe. Although the company, along with a few  of its former competitors, are now owned by one of the largest financial web properties, the quality of the leads and the level of customer service remains high.

From day one, InsureMe has focused on the values of “love, integrity, leadership, and innovation.”

Lines Offered

InsureMe provides insurance leads to agents throughout the nation, including all of the following lines:


InsureMe has taken a four prong approach to attracting agents to its service. While offering the same basic features as the competition, the company has focused on these four key areas:

1. Lead quality. Over the years, InsureMe have reported one of the highest closing ratios in the industry. By filtering leads and focusing on quality lead capture strategies, InsureMe is able to guarantee that each consumer is legitimately interested in buying a policy.

2. Customer service. InsureMe customer service reps are available via phone or email. Additionally, a real human will answer the phone to discuss support related issues – all free of charge.

3. Flexibility. For agents who are unsure of what InsureMe can do for them, the flexibility offered by the company is something to enjoy. There is no contract required, with many agents opting for a month to month approach.

4. Free online tools. For agents who need assistance, the company’s Agent Connection program comes in handy. This is a lead delivery tool that allows agents to stay organized by receiving, printing, and rating leads. InsureMe’s Agent Resource Center is also full of helpful articles.

Pricing and Promos

Auto: $5 – $7

Home: $10 – $12

Life: $8 – $10

Health: $10 – $11

Long term care: $17 – $19

(Rates at time of publishing and are subject to change)


InsureMe is an industry leader in terms of the number of available filters. With more than 700, it is easy for agents to target leads based on geographic location as well as other criteria.

While custom filters cost extra, some leads have fixed filters that can be implemented for free.


InsureMe was acquired by AllWebLeads and has been fully integrated into the AWL platform.

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