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NetQuote Leads
Since 1989, NetQuote has been in the business of providing consumers with an effective method of shopping for insurance. Along with this, the company is well known as the largest provider of leads to insurance agents, distributing more than one million leads per month.

Owned by BankRate, one of the most well known financial web properties in the world, NetQuote has the resources and talent necessary to generate a large number of leads. Subsequently, the company is able to help consumers find the right insurance policy while providing agents with targeted leads.

Lines Offered

NetQuote provides leads spanning a variety of lines, including:


NetQuote shares many features with the competition, including but not limited to real time delivery, no contract, exclusive lead availability (via live transfers), and the ability to set volume caps.

The company offers a robust lead management system for customers and had rolled out a few recent upgrades that also stand out in the industry.

Here are three newly implemented features to become familiar with:

1. Raised the minimum quality bar. NetQuote has put emphasis on driving industry leading quality metrics for improved close ratos. For this reason, they have raised their minimum quality bar. While this has eliminated hundreds of thousands of leads per month, it has also increased quality throughout the entire network.

2. Monitoring improvements. This goes hand and hand with changes to the minimum quality bar. Through constant monitoring of its partners, NetQuote is able to ensure higher quality leads.

3. In house traffic and lead generation. Many companies rely solely on third party web properties to provide leads. While NetQuote has several marketing partners in place, the company has moved more of its business to be “self sourced.” This allows for better control over quality.

Pricing and Promos

Auto – Preferred Plus: $14 – $15

Auto – Preferred: $12 – $14

Auto – Specialty: $10 – $12

Auto – Plus: $9 – $10

Auto – Standard: $7 – $8

Auto – Juvenile: $2 – $4

Home: $13 – $14

Health – Preferred Individual: $8 – $9

Health – Individual: $4 – $5

Health – Group (3 – 12 employees): $11 – $12

Health – Group (Over 12 employees): $15 – $16

Medicare: $7 – $8

Life – Preferred: $14 – $16

Life – Standard: $3 – $5

Renters: $7 – $8

Commercial: $17 – $18

(Rates at time of publishing and are subject to change)


NetQuote understands that no two agents and no two consumers are alike. This is why they provide agents with the ability to implement a variety of filters.

The company offers all geographic filters free of charge. The most commonly used geo filters include those that allow the agent to purchase leads based on zip code, state, and country.

Additionally, consumer filters are available for a small fee. These filters are based on the type of insurance lead being purchased.


NetQuote was acquired by AllWebLeads and has been fully integrated into the AWL platform.

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